Tanzstudio Alberti „The very hungry caterpillar“ Reading in English

A danceperformance for children from 3 years

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Sauerland-Museum - Museumshof
Alter Markt 24-30
59821 Arnsberg


Stadt Arnsberg | Kulturbüro
Alter Markt 19
59821 Arnsberg

E-Mail: kultur@arnsberg.de
Telefoon: 02932/201-1120
Homepage: http://www.arnsberg.de/kultur



It's the story of Eric Carle's popular children's book. First the hungry caterpillar eats different fruits, then sweets, sausages and cheese. Finally she gets stomach pain. After being in a cocoon the caterpiallar becomes a very beautiful butterfly.


The Tanzstudio-Alberti Ensemble performs the story of the hungry caterpillar sensitively and appropriately for children with the dance choreography by Karina Vormweg. Due to the design of the individual scenes, the plot is easyly to understand even for the little ones. Between the different scenes the story will be read aloud in English embedded in harmonious music.


Everyone is welcome. Entry is free!

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