Overview of the events at the Möhnesee

Event calendar for Lake Möhnesee and the surrounding area

The rich diversity of Lake Möhnesee is reflected in the wide range of events that are held here.  Sports enthusiasts show their mettle in a variety of local competitions, such as the Pokallauf trophy run or the Lake Run.  Music lovers enjoy live performances by the water at the Brückenfest bridge festival and as part of the FeierAbend am See program for leisurely evening hours by the lake.  The chapel in the village of Drüggelte known as the Drüggelter Kapelle hosts many fine music concerts and musical entertainment can also be enjoyed at numerous small celebrations, courtesy of local music clubs.  The farmers’ market held on October 3rd has become a long-standing fixture of the events calendar at the Westphalian Sea.

Due to the given occasion (Corona), we ask you to request more detailed information on individual events directly from the respective organizer.

Event calendar for the Möhnesee
The versatility of Möhnesee is reflected in the variety of events.

Event calendar for the area
The surrounding places offer a wide variety of events.

Group offers
Varied day programs and group tours are offered in the region around the Möhnesee. A colorful mix of offers from individual short tours to guided hikes to complete day programs awaits the guests of group excursions on the Westphalian Sea.

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