Mobile-home site Delecke north shore

With a view over the Westphalian Sea

The parking space on the northern shore in Delecke (Linkstraße 20a, 59519 Möhnesee) is terraced so that every guest can enjoy the view of the Westphalian Sea and has around 60 pitches. Advance reservations are not possible.  

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On site:
- Sanitary facilities (shower room, toilets, water station)
- Electric hook-up
- Waste disposal / drive over waste disposal
- neightboring lawn with a small playground and public bathing area 
- restaurant close by



 Duration Leistung Preis in €
24 hours (start entering time)

 Pitches, waste disposal, Electricity, water 


 up to 30 minutes (start entering time) waste disposal 5,00

Payment is made via a ticket machine and is possible with coins, credit card and EC card. ATTENTION! : Ticket machine does not change!!!

The number plate of your vehicle is recorded by a camera when entering and exiting. The exact length of stay can be determined and compared with the amount that was paid. Here you will find the information on privacy policy.

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Tip: Carry the appropriate amount of coins with you, just in case or download the Mobilet app for booking via mobile phone in advance at home (you can also use this for parking and storing your bike at the dam). 



Attention!!! - No winter service! The site will be closed in the event of snow and ice. If you´re not sure, please call us first.

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