Adventures in winter

Möhnesee in it´s winter dress

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Snow-blanketed fields, treetops that seem coated with powdered sugar, and a lake surface that reflects the beautiful shoreline like a magical mirror – that’s how breathtaking Lake Möhnesee can be in the winter.  On days when the cold winter air is clear, hikers can enjoy particularly long-range vistas from various lookout points or the Möhneseeturm tower. It is also a good time to see the lively goings-on at the Völlinghausen Wildpark wildlife park or at the Hevearm & Hevesee lake nature reserve, which serves as a favored winter haven for migrating birds.  Winter events are perfect occasions for cozy get-togethers with family and friends; the Eissportzentrum offers ice-skating and hosts ice-hockey tournaments, for example.  Skiing enthusiasts can head for the Sauerland region’s ski slopes, which are just an hour’s drive away. 

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