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Lake Möhnesee offers a wealth of recreational activities for an active lifestyle.  Watersport enthusiasts and avid swimmers, bathers, hikers, walkers, and cyclists will all find what they are looking for here.  Physically active vacationers delight in the numerous hiking paths like the certified long-distance "Sauerland Waldroute” hiking route leading through the forests of the Sauerland region, or cycling paths such as the “Möhnetalradweg”, not to mention the many possibilities for sailing, scuba diving, and fishing.  Special programs for group excursions are sure to be a memorable experience.

Wander- und Radfahr Abenteuer am Möhnesee

Paar genießt die Aussicht von der Kanzelbrücke
Adventures for cyclists
Forty kilometers of shoreline make the bicycle an ideal way to explore Lake Möhnesee. The Sauerland region’s biggest reservoir and its hinterlands are embedded in a bike-path network with numbered junctions, so that cyclists merely need to “follow the numbers.”
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Wanderer am Hevebecken
Adventures for hikers
Rucksack packed, boots laced up? Looks like you’re ready to spend a physically active day exploring the natural beauty of Lake Möhnesee on foot. Choose from over 200 km of marked-out trails of various lengths, basically starting at your doorstep.
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Aquatic fun galore!

While the area surrounding the Westphalian Sea certainly has many recreational activities to offer, the ones in and on the water are hard to beat!

Vom Familienausflug bis zum Gruppenangebot

Wasserspiel Kinder Pankratiusplatz.jpg
Family Adventure
The Westphalian Sea is the perfect destination for fun and excitement for the whole family.
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Freunde in Bollerwagen am See
Adventures and recreation
Looking for holiday experiences that will make lasting memories? Then head to Lake Möhnesee!
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Drüggelter Kapelle Schild Holz
Adventures in cultural tourism
The municipality of Möhnesee offers culture lovers a number of rewarding experiences, including traditional events such as the Körb'ker Karneval, intimate musical concerts as well as historic buildings and impressive churches and chapels.
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Group offers
Varied day programs and group tours are offered in the region around the Möhnesee. A colorful mix of offers from individual short tours to guided hikes to complete day programs awaits the guests of group excursions on the Westphalian Sea.
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Adventures in winter

Snow-blanketed fields, treetops that seem coated with powdered sugar, and a lake surface that reflects the beautiful shoreline like a magical mirror – that’s how breathtaking Lake Möhnesee can be in the winter.

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