Forty kilometers of shoreline make the bicycle an ideal way to explore Lake Möhnesee.  The Sauerland region’s biggest reservoir and its hinterlands are embedded in a bike-path network with numbered junctions, so that cyclists merely need to “follow the numbers.”  

Dotted with forests and lakes, the terrain is ideal for bike tours of varying difficulty.  You can opt for a leisurely ride around the lake with the whole family.  Or you can challenge yourself by pedaling up some of the Sauerland’s rising foothills.  Or zip over the Haarstrang Ridge on an e-bike and traverse the fertile plains of the Soester Börde.  The cycling tours here are as diverse as the area itself.  

Would you prefer to stick to pre-planned routes?  No problem – a series of clearly marked-out “theme paths” is waiting to be explored.  Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy the views along the WEGMARKEN (“Milestones”) route, which passes by twelve sculptures set up as part of an artists’ initiative.  The historic route along the shore of the lake traces the over 100-year history of the Möhnetal dam that created the reservoir lake.  The Möhnetalradweg from Brilon to Neheim follows the route of the former Möhnetalbahn, a 19th-century railway.  From Neheim you can ride into the Ruhr Valley by following the Ruhrtalradweg.

Mutual consideration of all road users ensures full enjoyment on your tour around the Westphalian Sea.

Radfahrer an der Kanzelbrücle
Cycling the Westphalian Sea
The charming surroundings around the Westphalian Sea can be ideally explored by bike.
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Radfahrende vor Knotenpunktkarte am Möhnesee
"Cycling by numbers" - remember the numbers, start cycling and follow the signs. Easily explore the region with self-planned routes.
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Radfahrende ruhen sich auf Steg aus
Bicycle Service
An overview of e-bike charging stations, bicycle rentals, bicycle repair offers and much more.
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“Bed & bike” lodgings

The Westphalian Sea is an ideal destination for cycling vacations. Whether you are planning a tour around Lake Möhnesee or are just passing through along a long-distance route, you will have no problem finding certified, cyclist-friendly lodgings.

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