A half-day trip including hiking, miniture golf and a visit to the wildlife park

Hiking? Not again... But what if there is a wildlife park at the end and mininature golf and Fanta and waffels? Let´s go!

You can park for free in the parkinglot on the right side of the restaurant Möhnehof Sämer (Zum Wildpark 1, Möhnesee-Völlinghausen).

From there the approx. 5.8 km long circular route A3 starts, which leads through the Arnsberg Forest in approx. 1 ½ hours on well-developed paths.

Or, if you want to take a shortcut, simply follow the Rißmecke road straight ahead in the direction of the forest. After about half an hour the path turns right and shortly after that it turns right again, back to the start. The route is approx. 4.3 km long and easy to do with children.

But, before you go back to the parking lot, the wildlife park with fallow deer and red deer, sheep and goats and numerous birds awaits you. Feeding the animals is encouraged and it's fun for the whole family when the animals bleating, push and shove their way to the food. The feed can be pulled from a machine. The visit is free of charge, but there is a donation option at the entrance! 

Near your parking lot, the Sterngolf leisure facility Freizeitanlage Sterngolf invites you to a game of mini golf. In a rustic atmosphere you can comfortably go through the 18 stations and adults will certainly have just as much fun as the children. If you want, you can get drinks, a lunch or coffee and cake here. Or you can stop off at the restaurant Möhnehof Sämer and enjoy the end of your trip there. 

It's good that the car is in front of the door, maybe someone needs to rest a bit now?!

If you have any suggestions or tips, please contact us at info@moehnesee.de. Or post a photo of the highlight of your day and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

Möhnehof Sämer
Tagesrestaurant mit Gartenterrasse: Wir bieten euch regionale und saisonale Speisen.

Zum Wildpark 1 · 59519 Möhnesee
Ortsteil: Völlinghausen
T 02925 629
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Logo Auf'n Käffken
Auf‘n Käffken
Liebevolles, spezielles Café mit großer Seeterrasse und hausgemachten Köstlichkeiten.

Bahnhofstraße 26 · 59519 Möhnesee
Ortsteil: Wamel
T 02924 432 9983
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