After a shared family breakfast, set out for Lake Möhnesee and the imposing dam that creates it in Möhnesee-Günne.  A short walk along the regulating basin offers a grand view of the dam and leads to another worthwhile attraction, the Möhnesee Landschaftsinformationszentrum providing all sorts of information about this area.  The center’s exhibition is dedicated to “water and woods” and offers hands-on experiences which are sure to intrigue young visitors.  The adults, for their part, can learn about the function and history of the Möhnesee dam.  

On the way back, take a stroll through the garden of the Müller Seniorenzentrum senior care center, where exotic animals such as small monkeys and parrots are on display.  Once back at the dam, you can take a one-hour boat tour to see more of the lake.  Snacks are available on board, such as coffee, cake, and other treats.   

A good way to spend the afternoon is to visit the historic old town of Arnsberg, a 25-minute car ride away.  The drive through the Arnsberg Forest is a scenic delight, no matter what the season.  Once you arrive, make a pit stop at the Ruhrterrassen green terraces along the River Ruhr near the Neumarkt market square.  A walk through the old town will lead you past the historic Rathaus town hall and through the gate of the Glockenturm bell tower to reach the ruined fortress on the hill above the town.  An attractive playground for the kids and fine views of Arnsberg are your reward.  

When it’s time for dinner, you will be able to choose from a number of local eateries.  

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