A day trip by bike for the whole family

On this day at the Möhnesee, everyone gets his money's worth: the curious researchers, the active cyclists and the sun-seeking bathers!

You start with a visit to the Liz, the Landschaftsinformationszentrum, landscape information center in Günne (the parking is free when you visit the Liz). If you think finding out about the landscape, the dam and the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park is going to be boring, you haven't been here! Numerous stations for smelling, feeling and trying out let the time fly by.

From here, you get onto your bike. You can take the car further to the parking lot at the dam, but this is subject to a fee. A day parking ticket costs 5 euros and can be used all day in all parking lots in Möhnesee.

The bike still has to be pushed over the crown of the mighty dam. Nevertheless, it's worth letting your eyes wander to the left over the lake and to the right deep down to the compensation pond! The mighty structure itself - 40 meters high, 650 meters long and more than 100 years old - leaves an impression.

Now it's time for the dam wall tour by bike. 14 kilometres long, with slight inclines and most of the time on well-developed cycle paths, it is a pleasure for the whole family.

At the beginning it leads through the nature reserve Hevearm and Hevesee, home to many waterfowl. After you have crossed the Hevedamm, the restaurant Torhaus invites you to take a detour. Maybe it's just the right time for lunch? In any case, this restaurant in a historic half-timbered house with a large outdoor dining area and a magnificent sculpture garden offers just the right setting for a cozy break.

If you would rather have something to eat quickly, pay a visit to the snack bar Zur Taucherbucht on the Delecker Bridge. It isn´t only known for its homemade stews!

We then continue by bike across the Heve Peninsula. Three natural balconies open up the view of the landscape. In addition, the stations on the water and forest nature promenade Naturpromenade Wasser und Wald along the 3.6 km long bank edge path provide information about flora, fauna and the history of the region.

On the Delecker Bridge you cross the Möhnesee and then keep left, in the direction of the dam. First, after so much activity, you can relax by the water at the bathing area in Delecke. A few pieces of play equipment provide variety, but the real star is the Westphalian Sea and the refreshing cool down on hot summer days. The restaurant Pier 20 is located directly above the sunbathing lawn, but there are also various places in the Delecke that invite you to have a coffee.

After a long break, the vacation day at the Möhnesee is ending. From the lido, you can be back at the dam in a short time, and the Liz - depending on where the car is parked - is only a few minutes away.

If you have any suggestions or tips, please contact us at info@moehnesee.de. Or post a photo of the highlight of your day and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.


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